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In my opinion, the major differences from the user’s perspective, are speed, and input thresholds. However, it was very power hungry. GaAs was also considered or even used for very fast chips. Uses lots of current to achieve high speed. You needed to use terminating resistors on every signal, though. Power inputs of datasheeet chip can normally withstand a power surge, but inputs may not.

74LS01 (Motorola) – Quad 2-input Nand Gate

More subtle differences By Andrew Ingraham 1. Can anyone point me to a reference that tells me the difference between all the 74xx series logic families? Power dissipation, if you have a lot of them. First you try to calculate everything exactly and then at an extra proof you can put the finished product in an oven and heat it up to check if it still works. These can usually be run of supplies from about 3 to 15V.

Depends on your circuits. It’s only relevant when for example battery life must optimal or signal speed is crucial. You can get both. You should never leave an input open, because the circuit can start to oscillate, which costs a lot of energy and can disturb the working of the rest of the circuit. Only one of those is normally conducting electrical current at a certain moment pulling the output pin either to the 0V or the 5V.


Chipdir Mailing List Subject: In earlier days, chips needed all kinds of weird voltages. So as long as you tie the inputs to a signal with well defined value at each point of time, like a neighboring data pin, either in- or output or 0V or 5V this problem will be prevented. The entire unit was about the size of a modern office photocopier, and weighed more.

I have written a page about it: It was safer to moisten your finger first so the temperature would stay below degrees C. Buy the way early chips were made in a technique whereby both of the transistors would conduct current for a short time during transitions. What the optimal solution is depends on all kinds of factors: What may be an acceptable substitute in one case, may be a flop in another.

74LS01 Datasheet

Faster gates make faster output edges. You probably also know that IBM had a couple of water cooled mainframe computers in a period that their processors couldn’t be cooled well enough with air.

Therefore these parts would use a lot of energy and become very hot. Can you tell me the meaning of the term z-state High impedance for a digital circuit and how do all the logic families implement this?

It will double the load on the input signal, but will also double the drive of the output signal. This made them actually short the 5V to the 0V for a very short time. Motherboards were getting cheaper and cheaper. You can’t use the 74HCT04 as an oscillator with a crystalas was often done. They would have been more expensive, but if that is no problem I don’t see a reason not to use them as drop-in replacements.

Also the 74ls04 that was often used in an oscillator circuit couldn’t be replaced by the 74HCT04, but they produce a special version, the 74HCU04 that can be used in this special way.


When none of the two transistors is conducting, the output is in the Z-state high impedance state. It’s not easy to determine what the optimal solution is. It might however increase the power usage during the moment of switching when the two gates should have significantly different switching times, but that is of course very unlikely. Some are OK with that, others aren’t.

I am finding it difficult to get some series chips locally, like today I had problems with the 74LS There are many subtle differences that might come into play when you go between families.

Now they generate their own low current voltage internally by way of a charge pump, if necessary.

I encountered stuff like this inside a 70’s era Control Data disk drive. It was used for very high speed circuits. They were already obsolete in the late 70’s when I started tinkering with this stuff.

74 Series IC Data Sheet Index

Bipolar is generally very fast. A digital output is internally usually connected with one transistor to the 5V and one transistor to the 0V.

But they designed a special version of the 74HCT04 for this: It means Emittor Coupled Logic and it is extensively used in high speed digital data handling systems. It gives a guite good overview of these logic-IC families, with properties, differences, etc Suppose you would like to build a Unix computer. Type numbers are 74HCT MS Windows also became more and more a serious platform. The 54 family is meant for military purposes.

I am a student at portsmouth university and I am having trouble understanding this topic.