The ruthlessly engrossing and beautifully rendered story of the Brodskys, a family of artists who realize, too late, one elemental truth: Creation’s. “Mansbach has a talent for writing full, memorable characters that seem untidy and complex [his] prose crackles with insight. The End of the Jews spans three . Mansbach (Angry Black White Boy, , etc.) searchingly examines the fraught relations between Jews and gentiles, blacks and whites, men.

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Creation’s necessary consequence is destruction.

Retrieved 13 May The author’s avam to be able to create characters and so sincerely represent their psyche is amazing. I don’t love Jews any less for it, and neither does Mansbach, but I do know us better for what we are. Some parts I thought dragged on a tad.

Nina Hricek, a driven young Czech photographer escapes from behind the Iron Curtain with a group of black musicians only to find herself trapped yet again, this time in a doomed love affair. Een knap in elkaar gezette roman, lf intrigeert, vernuftig kennis van zaken verweeft met haast stereotype beelden over joden en Amerikanen. I though it was a weird gimmicky silly book but good for Akashic for putting out a sleeper hit, and then forgot mnsbach it.


This book leaves a lingering taste.

The End of the Jews

Adam Mansbach at the Texas Book Festival. I guess it is the tone of the book, the language the author uses. I found her weaknesses, although understandable, to be frustrating as her potential for fullness is so strong. I find his style absolutely charming. Also I felt super uncomfortable reading this on the subway.

Or maybe it’s not so strange; maybe every great writer has a first book to purge themselves of, to get out of the way and off their chests before they can get over themselves and write something with some beauty and brilliance that’s not hopelessly stifled by its author’s self-importance.

Adam Mansbach: The End of the Jews — Jewish LearningWorks

The End of the Jews is an intense, painful, poignant book. Born to Use Mics. It’s a page turner, although maybe a bit slow to get into. Jan 22, Leslie rated ejd really liked it. This is a book Aam have recommended to friends and I am definitely eager to read more from this author. It’s full of Big Ideas and Important Themes. Retrieved 20 November It’s funny when it’s not so pathetic. Shows the intersection of the Jewish and black, and immigrant experience.


May 02, Justin rated it it was amazing.

Mansbach is audacious, honest. Retrieved July 8, The exploration of the theme of the sacrifices people make to create art were especially interesting to me and the family relationships so real and poignant. The Splendor Before the Dark.

This is a heartfelt, truthful book. Jennifer Gillan and Maria Mazziotti Gillan. Archived from the original on With roving, insightful omniscience—ricocheting empathetically from od to grandson, grandmother to girlfriend—Mansbach considers the predicaments of artists and the pratfalls of love.

This is fascinating, scorching drama. There’s no joy, no light-footedness, no soar, no delight. Tristan Brodsky, sprung from the The ruthlessly engrossing and beautifully rendered story of the Brodskys, a family of artists who realize, too late, one elemental truth: If you only like page turners, look elsewhere.