Worr Game Products Autococker Gun Manual · Worr Game Products Worr Machine Gun Manual · Worr Game Products Superstock Gun Diagram · Worr Game. Does anyone know where I can get/view the autococker sr manual?. Owners manuals for the Worr games Products (WGP) autocockers.

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It should be slow because there is a time that is setup in the program to allow a ball to drop into the breech.

Side Cock Block adjustment: And do I need to adjust it? Paintball Barrels by Gun.

Lower the setting by pushing the scroll wheel down. Never engage in vandalism.

If eyes are not functioning properly, go to troubleshooting guide. Carefully push the sear pin out form right to left Figure The default mnual 2ms. As soon as you release the trigger, the marker will stop shooting and default back to your selected fire mode. DM and Proto Boards. It limits the maximum balls per second that can be fired. The program will ask if you srr want to reset? Sight Rails and Mounts.


Autococker SR Manual –

If paint or debris get inside, removal and cleaning may be required. It is very important that the barrel sock be attached when in an area where people are not wearing protective gear. The manifold is gasket sealed with no hoses.

Paint rolling down the barrel. Always keep your marker OFF and barrel cover on until you are ready to fire. They protect the wires and enclose the pump rod and side cock block.

When it appears that it is only one shot, one pull for solid trigger pulls, try the slow pull test. The ASR stock barrel size is. Ce document au format PDF 1.

Ensure all paintballs are out of the marker, air source is removed and marker is degassed, and marker is OFF. Keep the paintball marker on safe until ready to shoot. Increase the CPF setting a notch at a time until the slow pull bounce starts to disappear. Check loader and breech for foreign matter. Velocity adjustment set too high.

Q I have a question that is not on this list. Since the ASR is a closed bolt system this setting is necessary for increased battery life. Ensure that paint is not too large for barrel. Dual soft rubber ball stops. Figure 2 Figure 2 Push and hold 1. To disassemble and clean, first start by removing the left and right side panels.


Most paintball fields have a limit to ball velocity and will provide a chronograph for the user to check. Each time you scroll the wheel down, the time will decreases by 1 ms.

Fill bottle or adjust regulator. When the eyes are off, the rate of fire is limited and adjustable from 10 to 25 balls per second. Figure 5 Figure 9 Figure 9. This will increase the life of the o-ring decreasing chances of air leaks.

WGP Autococker SR Paintball Marker

The marker will burst fire 3 times for wr pull and release of the trigger. Airsoft Chrono, Poster, Target, Periodic. Make sure mark is degassed properly before making any modifications to the lug.