Bordados has ratings and reviews. Pramod said: To speak behind others’ backs is to ventilate the soul. – a dictum from Marjane Satrapi’s g. Bordados has ratings and reviews. Nat said: Family gossip is my Achilles’ heel. I live for those moments when my mother and I get to discuss. Bordados has ratings and reviews. Hilda said: I was disappointed by Marjane Satrapi’s follow up to the fantastic two volume Persepolis.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. For anyone who’s ever wondered what dating, marriage, and sex is like from the perspective of Iranian women. There are different flavors this book has in its palate. I almost choked laughing so hard. Beli buku ini di toko buku Satrpi Jayapura This is not to say that Satrapi failed at what she set out to do.

Bordados by Marjane Satrapi (1 star ratings)

Logo depois comecava uma sessao cujo acesso so era permitido a elas o bordado, tema deste que e o terceiro livro de Satrapi publicado pela Companhia das Letras. Published by Companhia das Letras first published April 18th If you multiply these kids by generation you have, I don’t know,princes [and princesses]. Bordwdos 18, me.

According to Persepolis, one Scud hit the house next to hers, killing her friend and entire family.

Marjane Satrapi, back in the graphic novel format she mastered in “Persepolis”, paints a humorous portrait of the intimate lives of Iranian women. Satrapi was trying to achieve. The topic never veers even once from stories of sex and the veiled sexuality of the last several decades in Iran. My first graphic novel. And yet, the title still remains to me a mystery.


If you multiply these kids by generation you have, I don’t know,princes [and princesses]. Well all that is for his wife. Spoilers -Sometimes funny, and sometimes quite horrifying but all rather eye-opening. Write a customer review.

Persepolis provided insights into the social and political life in Iran during the Mohammad-Reza Shah regime and the subsequent Iranian revolution. What elevates this book is the natural flow of the dialogue and the sense that we are fully included into this family.

Bordados by Marjane Satrapi (3 star ratings)

Like eavesdropping on a gossipy conversation between ssatrapi mom and aunts. About love, sex and men. My favourite part was where one of the women is telling the others about a friend who tried to fake her virginity but instead somehow managed to accidently cut her husband’s testicle with a razor blade.

It’s certainly the kind of book that will rub a lot of people’s arbitrary sensibilities the wrong way, and the troll in me applauds Satrapi for this act of daring alone.

Knowing all this, the synopsis for Embroideries intrigued me greatly in the basis that it afforded me an opportunity to see the female Iranian culture behind closed doors. But it wasn’t what I expected.

Women talks have been, throughout history, degraded and negated as just chatter and gossip. Open Preview See a Problem?

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Bawdy and quite fun. Dan sebenarnya saya pengen banget kasih lebih dari 3 bintang. Bordados by Marjane Satrapi.

Mashael rated it did not like it Jun 08, Marji, our narrator, is mostly just an observer in this I was disappointed by this thin volume, not because it was thin, but because it was flat. We are among friends and trusted to keep secrets. In this book, Satrapi didn’t use the panel frames she uses in Persepolis and that are common in graphic novels, the drawings are all over the page, less constrained.


The title, Embroideries, refers to a medical procedure in which women are sewn up so that they bleed—like virgins—during sexual intercourse.

Return to Book Page. Bordados by Marjane Satrapi.

Satrapi said that “But you have to know the kings of the Qajar dynasty, they had hundreds of wives. Dove ero io quando dovevo conoscere la Satrapi?

Fatty made me read it by dangling the “it’s totally your kind of graphic novel” line. Here are a few of my favorite talks between Marjane’s tough-talking grandmother, stoic mother, glamorous and eccentric aunt and their friends and neighbors: She experienced an Iraqi air raid and Scud missile attacks on Tehran.

Setiap siasat untuk menempatkan diri dengan kesesuaian di antara nilai-nilai patriarki yang ada malah berakhir menjadi humor yang menggelitik. I grew up with a lot of women. Book is an interesting mix of memoir and fiction. There was talk of marriage, love, unfeasible men, sex, double standards, body image It merely narrates these thoughts as conversations aimed at the reader while offering no solutions, conclusions or judgments for bordavos various issues discussed by its participants.