Request PDF on ResearchGate | Uso del cariograma en la determinación de niveles de riesgo de caries dental en escolares de una población. Cariogram is an educational program developed for better understanding of the multifactorial disease dental caries. It illustrates the “caries risk” and possible. Objectives: To assess the caries risk and contribution of diet, bacteria, circumstances and susceptibility sectors among special groups in.

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Cariograma Bajar de internet: cariogram (a) Programa: mah

Pattern of dental caries in an adult rural population. Braz J Oral Sci. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. In a way it can be compared to the weather forecast.

Evaluation of caries risk in a young adult population

Cariogram is an interactive computer programme conceptualized by Dr. Before the commencement of the study, carriograma examiner was trained and calibrated by the experienced professor in the Department of Public Health Dentistry to ensure uniform interpretations, understanding application of the codes, the criteria for the disease to be observed and recorded and to ensure consistent examination.

Bacterial diseases Gross pathology Skeletal system.


Click en notas e identificar al paciente nombre, n. Cariogram internet version, 4 preface the cariogram is a new concept, conceived initially as an educational model, aiming at illustrating the multifactorial background of dental caries in a simple way. Dental Cosmos, a Monthly Record of Dental Science was the first dentsl national journal for the American dental profession, and one of the most significant in the early history of American dentistry.

The predictive variable which makes the greatest contribution to the model is Streptococcus mutans count, followed by the DMFT index and the Dentap capacity of the saliva. Relevant information regarding the patient is collected, scored according to a standardized protocol and then entered into a computerized program called Cariogram.

Constantgroup, DMFT, streptococci count, plaque amount. Cariograja indicate that an easily applied anticariogenic material that readily bonds to enamel surface after mechanical cleaning and cheap enough to be applied routinely on regular visits might be the answer to prevent occlusal caries on a large scale.

Also known as tooth decay or a cavity It is defined as an infection which is bacterial in origin.

Caries risk assessment – ppt video online download

This page was last edited on 17 Novemberat Download other languages in 32bit version. Int J Paediatr Dent. Supervised school brushing programs Fluoridation of public water Secondary Provision of dental services. Descargar cariograma dental descargar programas gratis. First nylon brushes in Risk according to the other values entered The total impression of the caries situation, including social factors, gives a view, in line with what the tests and the other factors seem to indicate and points to the same caries risk as in the Cariogram.


Dental Caries prevalence studies conducted in developed countries showed a decrease in the frequency and.

In caries susceptible persons,when carbohydrates come in contact with the plaque,acidogenic bacteria in plaque create acid which damages enamel walls of pits and fissures and result in caries. Sugars or other caries inducing carbohydrates on a low level.

Constantgroup b. It also simultaneously expresses to what extent different etiological factors of caries may affect the caries risk for that particular patient. Stomatology Department, University of Valencia.

Auth with social network: Share buttons are a little bit lower. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Dentaltvweb cariogram descargate gratis este excelente. Factors related to general health which may indicate increased caries risk.

Mean percentage of individual sector denhal cariogram contributing to caries risk among normal group.