CD Datasheet – 1-Chip FM Electrical Tuner IC, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, circuit, parts, datasheet. The YD is a bipolar integrated circuit for use in mono portable and pocket radios. It is used when a minimum of peripheral components (of. cd datasheet, cd datasheets, cd pdf, cd price, cd buy, cd stock.

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I also used a digital calipur to measure the position of the Band Trimmer screws, then drilled two small holea in the back cover to save removing the cover each time.

Getting to this stage takes about an hour. About one to two hours of time to complete the kit. The AM reception is as per most TRF receivers — not particularly high quality and it seems that this is prone to overload. Once roughly in place, you can take the AM-FM mode switch, deburr the plastic and push it through the exterior casing over the switch.

Sound quality is good.

Massage it over the end of the rod, and glue into place optional. I actually tried this on my second datsaheet and it was a disaster.

Insert your two AA batteries of choice, and you can start listening to radio right away. To adjust the FM alignment, you need to use a flat blade screwdriver and adjust the right brass screw on the rear of the variable capacitor i.

Trouble was already spotted when a loose screw was seen rattling inside the bubble wrap — the components have broken loose and the only thing preventing them from going everywhere was a thin and somewhat torn bubble wrap.


Repeat for the UTC as well. As mentioned, the instructions were all in Chinese. September 8, at 1: This post will be a little review of the kit, along with tips and hints especially for English speaking constructors.

CDCB Даташит – Monolithic Power FM radio tuner – Datasheetcom

It also gives you the best access when soldering SMT parts. Repeat for finding a known station, but instead adjust the left brass screw — the datashset one. Ordering two ensures that you have some spares in case things do go wrong … This post will dstasheet a little review of the kit, along with tips and hints especially for English speaking constructors. Once that is dialled in, the unit has been tuned and the radio should now be somewhat functional.

Project: Paeansonic CF210SP CD9088+CD7642 AM/FM Radio Kit

Turn the tuning dial to the lowest frequency longest indicator length and carefully thread the tip of the tongue through the slot while shifting the PCB datssheet place. The kit itself is not entirely daasheet, and you do need to be suitably equipped to build it. February 5, at 7: I was aware of the Tecsun 2P3 which looks to be a very nice kit, but a bit on the pricey side for an AM only radio. Hopefully if they forget to include the data sheets, I can print out yours.

But at least they did provide the jack. Take care with the ceramic disc capacitors not to lose them as some are extremely small. However, you might encounter some critical issues here.

Next, try to close the case hooking over the headphone out jack first, and then clipping in the tuning dial side. Do not touch the antenna or you may be burnt!


Lead the yellow wire to the Cdd9088 terminal and datashret solder. For this, stick the wire through the slot in the rear of the casing, and the screw hole end of the antenna through the slot.

cd Datasheet PDF

I must have used the wrong screw for the antenna as it became loose and I ended up replacing it with a self tap of slightly larger datashete. Continuing on, the board is completed with the population of resistors. In the case of this kit, this specifically includes:. I would be very grateful if someone could help me. Otherwise, the IC may not be soldered in the right orientation, or the switch may have been damaged. Align the switch and use one of the two identical machine screws to fasten.

The educational value, however, is a little limited without explanations. Two AA batteries to power the receiver. Cr9088 it is soldered, the speaker can be glued into the front casing with hot melt glue around the edge or superglue if unavailable. After all, it shows just datashee numbers and drawings can easily transcend the language barrier.

CD9088CB Даташит — Monolithic Power FM radio tuner

The reamed hole first the jack a lot better. January 17, at 3: Once that is soldered into place, you can breathe a sigh of relief as the worst part is over. September 12, at 3: