Unlike some of the latest stuff from MWP, the interesting thing about Cinematic Unisystem is that, at heart, it’s a simulationist, universal engine. Where can I find the core rules (and hopefully magic system) for the Cinematic Unisystem? I’ve heard that it’s used in Witchcraft, Buffy and. Characters in the Cinematic Unisystem RPG have four basic elements. These full-fledged cinematic heroes have amazing skills and abilities. This is the Type.

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In the Silver Age of Licensed Games…

It can be used in table-top play, or in play-by-post campaigns. Originally Posted by daddystabz. There is also the newly released Ghosts of Albion that uses Cinematic rules of Buffy with a much better magic system.

Cinematic games also feature the use of Drama Points which allow the character to do things above and beyond what they could do under the system alone. One thing to note is cinematjc characters will probably be a bit more competent when you’re using this system.

From Unieystem, the free encyclopedia. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The idea is that this way, players get a greater sense of control over their character.

Furtive Little Feelings

The Vampire Slayer Roleplaying Game. The interesting thing about the chart is how it scales.


I am extremely interested in starting a dark vampire romantic RPG based on Forever Knight, one of my favorite all-time shows and was thinking that a more dinematic version of Unisystem might be great for this. Strength, Dexterity, Constitution; and three mental attributes: Other Qualities and Drawbacks are of a Supernatural sort and are used to designate a character as a particular type of character be it a Cinemtic human, a Vampyre, a Spirit, and so on or detail what sort of magic they can do.

Which is a pity, and probably a design flaw. It is the same basic system.

At the start of the campaign every player gets a pool of numbers for each of his characters: This has two interesting variations:. Eden Studios games Role-playing game systems Universal role-playing games. This page was last edited on 25 Julyat All times are GMT Unisystem is cinsmatic generic role-playing game system produced by Eden Studios, Inc.

Retrieved from ” https: Functionally, with the d10 randomizer, this means that a terrible roll for an expert can be equaled by an amazing roll by a beginner.

Unisystem – Wikipedia

Also, Cinematic introduces unixystem concept of Drama Points; a number of points a player can spend to add bonuses to attempted actions, cut the damage they’ve taken in half, or even simply bribe the GM to give them a lucky break. The 3-number buffer was added to prevent players being ‘forced’ to spend a number when they don’t absolutely want to.


Meanwhile, supernatural characters can go up to 10 on individual stats.

Cinematic Unisystem This page collects my work houserules, conversions for Cinematic Unisystem, the system behind the Buffy: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cinematic features a limited set of skills that cover most situations, no Secondary Attributes or Essence, simplified combat and flat damage resolution. The time now is They are army of Darkness, Buffy, Angel, and Ghosts of Albion which hasn’t been published in printed form yet.

Drawbacks can be used to gain extra points.

If you want magic rules and some basic monsters for Classic Unisystem, the Cinematkc core rulebook is available as a free PDF. Oh, and as a note? Heroes are larger than life and capable of amazing feats. Of those selections, my guess is Angel fits the tone and details needed for what you’re looking for.

This, of course, are the results of rolling a hypothetical 1d10 20 times. Players can cineamtic try to choose a number ‘just high enough’.