Toxic Bachelors is a novel by Danielle Steel, published by Random House in October The book is Steel’s sixty-seventh novel. Danielle Steel has been hailed as one of the world’s most popular authors, with over million copies of her novels sold. Her many international bestsel. Three die-hard bachelors with issues meet their matches in the publishing titan’s latest fairy tale, her third this year (Miracle, June , etc.).

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Used – Very Good.

Female high school quarterback throws TD on 1st pass in varsity game. Danielle Steel does write well, I just don’t much appreciate her story lines.

Comedian releases novel inspired by his Irish roots. We’re still not bachwlors the crazy hair, nail and makeup trends of They had everything in common, and six months after they met, they got engaged.

Toxic Bachelors by Danielle Steel

As always with Danielle Steel, I was not disappointed. She had managed to keep the seriousness of her illness from him for nearly three years. In spite of the late night, Charlie was up early, although his recollections of the evening before were a little vague. As much as it was for them, it was disheartening for him. Beyond her writing, she has raised nine kids, opened an art gallery, and now runs two nonprofit groups that work in mental health. And her novels have explored subjects such as kidnapping, incest, mental illness, suicide, death, divorce, adoption, marriage, loss, cancer, war, among others.


She founded and runs two foundations, one named in honor of her late son, The Nick Traina Foundation, which funds organizations involved in mental illness and child abuse. Views Read Edit View history. After the initial bliss, there are confrontations, challenges and threats to promising relationships. There was always a vacant feeling inside him.

Toxic Bachelors

Trivia About Toxic Bachelors. Climate, California budget and more.

Failed GOP candidate known for ‘deportation bus’ charged with insurance fraud. I loved Gabby and Zorro.

Toxic Bachelors

Adam Weiss, a forty-something celebrity lawyer, prefers his women very young, very voluptuous, and very short-term Books of the Week. He was a stunning-looking man, and his preference in women ran to tall, thin aristocratic blondes.

I loooooooooooooooved the ending, particuly adam’s ending. Her family is her first priority, despite her many interests.

GOP candidate kept corporate donations despite requests to return them, filings show. I liked Carole tho her name bugs me, I don’t know why. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. Charles Harrington, who lost his loving parents when he was 16 and bachelogs sister dropped out of school to look after Charlie. Your subscription to Toxoc More was successful.


Since I hate leaving books unfinished though, I did thumb through the rest. Has wear to the cover and pages.

Light browning to page edges. I was unenthusiastic about reading it at first. Charlie Harrington, a handsome philanthropist, has such high expectations for his perfect eteel that no mortal need apply