French journalist Claire Parnet’s famous dialogues with Gilles Deleuze offer an intimate portrait of the philosopher’s life and thought. Conversational in tone, their . In the most accessible and personal of his works, Deleuze examines, through a series of discussions with Claire Parnet, such revealing topics as his own. Dialogues. GILLES DELEUZE AND CLAIRE PARNET Translated by Hugh Tomlinson and Barbara Habberjam. Gilles Deleuze examines his own work ina.

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Virtuality no longer has to actualize itself because it is already correlated with the actual, and the two terms are ‘indistinguishable’.

True Entities are events, not concepts. We understand his music as a movement of desire, articulated through an assemblage.

We must study these movements of deterritorialization, flux and continuums of intensity in concrete examples [well done Claire! Human beings act only because they are parts of a machine, as a dancer is [a back to front argument, addressing the issue of whether machines are universal, capable of doing everything that humans do].

Sometimes the segmentary line and the more supple line can sustain each other, and management of the molar is linked to management of the molecular. But even this abstract machine is dysfunctional and fallible.

So that, agents or patients, when we act or undergo, we delduze always be worthy of what happens to us. Speed explains charm or style. Various French authors have argued for the separation of warriors from the state, and have argued that wars sometimes arise in order to resist centralization [am I mistaken, or is there an assumption throughout that the state is the modern nation state? Everything must be interpreted. Regimes of signs are not the same as systems of language.


Dialogues II

It is found in becomings. But perhaps this line is formed from the explosion of the other two. Instead, the unconscious has to be produced, not just seen as a residue of childhood memories. Everything depends on combinations of fluxes. An encounter with Foucault is also an encounter with sounds, gestures, ideas, attention, laughter and smiles [then some sentimental shit about his other friends] Chapter two On the Superiority of Anglo — American Literature I Literature is about escape, flight or deterritorialization, and the French have not understood that this is not just running away, avoiding commitments, but something active.

Dialogues II – revised edition | Columbia University Press

Other goals are possible, for example courtly love in feudalism [with an aside about how history is really about specifying different sorts of haecceities, page ]. What counts is what is between the elements, the relations which are not separable.

This is the opposite of evolution but also of regression to childhood.

It is not just flow between two people, two sexes in a binary relationship, but forms ‘a parnrt of becoming’ Sometimes death can be peaceful and happy, but the plane of immanence does not guarantee it. A commentator on Mozart [not refd] says that the bird song in his music shows a single becoming or a-parallel evolution. II [Now Parnet’s turn] They are sometimes hard to pin down, as when trying to pin down the exact location of a battle [further parneet in L of S ]. Every assemblage is collective.

The face is important—everything has to have the proper face for the role. It is the larnet for writing, which ought to produce speed of this kind. We should not confuse these relationships as the ones established between two actuals, or individuals, which are ‘ordinarily determined’ Battaille made the phantasm the essence of literature, and its harm has been considerable on literature and even the cinema. What is it for? The Actual and the VirtualTrans Elliot Ross Albert ‘Philosophy is the theory of multiplicities, each of which is composed of actual and virtual elements.

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Following a long broken flight dilohos lead to discovery. It is easy to get contaminated by neurotics who want to reduce to their states, or scholars who try to convince us of their scientific observations. It is more or less exactly what Bourdieu says] Psychoanalysis attempts to do this, to replace philosophy, although the apparatuses pqrnet power seem more interested in physics, biology and informatics.

It is successful when it follows the diloyos of power. It can last as long as or longer than these developed forms. They worked as a micro political multiplicity.

Dialogues II – Gilles Deleuze, Claire Parnet – Google Books

Everything has really changed. English and Americans focus on conjunctions and relations, and tend to disregard deleuz logic as the only process in thought. It is complex though, because there is an implicit doubt about the author function here as well [because it draws attention to the views of critics, textual shifters, reading formations and all the rest?