Florigen is a systemic signal for the transition to flowering in plants. .. Chailakhyan enunciated the concept of a specific flowering hormone and called it . Molecular nature of florigen. (A) Concept of florigen. Florigen is generated in leaf vasculature, transported to the shoot apical meristem and promote flowering. Riv Biol. Jan-Apr;97(1) “Florigen “: an intriguing concept of plant biology. Pennazio S(1). Author information: (1)Istituto di Virologia vegetale del.

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Abscisic acid Auxins Cytokinins Ethylene Gibberellins. Mutants for flowering time regulation in Arabidopsis and quantitative trait loci QTL analysis of heading date in rice provided rich information for understanding the mechanisms of photoperiodic flowering. Ethylene controls defenses against disease, but it also causes fruit to ripen.

“Florigen “: an intriguing concept of plant biology.

Flowering at unfavorable seasons causes loss of yield due to insufficient growth of photosynthetic organs or poor fertility due to heat or cold stress during reproduction.

FT in Arabidopsis and Hd3a in rice are genes identified through these studies, and they are orthologs that encode proteins similar to the phosphatidylehtanolamine binding protein PEBP in animals Kardailsky et al. Auxin causes shoots and leaves to grow towards sunlight, and it causes roots to grow downwards with the pull of gravity. The resultant FAC activates downstream gene expression.

In addition, recent analysis of the genetic basis of heterosis identified florigen function in the inflorescence architecture and the yield of crops Krieger et al. Cellular imaging of how FAC is formed in the cell revealed that proteins act as intracellular receptors for rice Hd3a florigen. On the other hand, FAC with transcription factors TFs other than FD, such as FD-like proteins, promotes processes other than flowering such as storage organ formation and leaf development.

Molecular function of florigen

Hd3a-GFP is less abundant in the newly developed branch primordia in the inflorescences primary branch meristemflorigej it accumulates at the late stages of branch primordia. After florigen Hd3a reaches the cell at the shoot apex, Hd3a interacts with proteins in the cytoplasm, then translocated to the nucleus to form FAC with FD.


Open in a separate window. The black bar and orange rectangle in the nucleus indicate a promoter and a downstream gene for FAC, and arrow indicate transcriptional activation. Since the complex formation is essential for Hd3a florigen function, this is named as florigen activation complex FAC Fig.

By this mechanism, CO protein may only reach levels florihen of concpet FT transcription when exposed to long days. Conclusion The molecular nature of the systemic floral signal, florigen, is a protein product encoded by the FT gene, which is highly conserved across flowering plants.

But after two decades of covert research interrupted by World War IIChailakhyan had no idea what specific florigwn and mechanisms were involved in the process. A Concept of florigen. Several studies have shown a similar complex formation in the rice homologs of Arabidopsis FT and FD, Hd3a and OsFD1, but interestingly, direct interactions in vitro using purified proteins have not been observed.

However, the precise mechanism for the complex formation has been poorly understood. The possible mechanisms of this regulation include changes of expressions or activities in DNA methylation enzymes and RNA-dependent DNA methylation pathways because these pathways silences TEs and changes of their activities affect TE expressions in genome-wide manner reviewed in Matzke and Mosher Received Mar 16; Accepted Apr The FT protein resulting from the short period of CO transcription factor activity is then transported via the phloem to the shoot apical meristem.

This mechanism is quite similar to that of florigen and therefore, the tuber forming signal or tuberigen was considered as a molecule related to florigen. Annual Review of Plant Biology.

By then, Chailakhyan had become a famous and respected biologist worldwide, and he had made important discoveries about hormones and plant development — but florigen was elusive and complex.


The mechanism that causes flowering is somewhat surprising: As a result of the problems with isolating florigen, and of the inconsistent results acquired, it has been suggested that florigen does not exist as an individual substance; rather, florigen’s effect could be the result of a particular ratio of other hormones. Thus, understanding the mechanisms of flowering, and especially of the function of florigen, can contribute to novel breeding techniques in crops to produce cultivars that can start their reproductive stage at optimal seasons Tsuji et al.

So everything in a plant that needs to happen at a certain time like flowering, or leaves turning brown or in response to an external action like an insect attack, or sunlight has to be coordinated by hormones. From these evidences, it is clear that the functions of florigen at the molecular level beyond flowering are diversification of FD function and the exchange of transcription factor components of FAC at the specific developmental context Tsuji et al.

He ranted incoherently and madly until he was interrupted by the famous academician Nikolai Vavilov, who defended Chailakhyan and suggested that an edited version of his ideas might be resubmitted for his thesis defense. Articles to be expanded from April Flofigen articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes.

A large protein, and possibly also an RNA fragment a short mobile copy of a DNA sequenceare produced from the FT gene floriegn leaves when the photoperiod is right for flowering. Both genes are expressed from the phloem of leaves when cincept day lengths are given—long days for Arabidopsis and short days for rice.

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