Results Gouru Thirupathi Reddy – online Telugu Books. Vastu Sastra Vastavalu By Gouru Tirapathi Reddy Rs Out Of Stock. Out Of Stock. (GOURU TIRUPATI REDDY) N The Secret World of Vaasthu Modem Vastu after keen observation and experimentaion has propounded laws that the house . The Sanskrit word vaastu means “any really existing or abiding substance, thing, object, article”, and also “goods, wealth, property”. vāstu takes the meaning of.

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The Secret World of Vaasthu 43 of haram. Door, gate, drawing, living, gokru, bed room, cattle shed, granary, kitchen, portico, water sump above the ground. This goes to say that there must be an elevated terrain in the west. The Secret World of Vaasthu 45 PPOOO should be constructed in the east f ollowing Dhwajaayam, kitchen in southeast following Dhoomaayambed room in south following Simhaayam, armoury in southwest based on Shwanaayam, dininghall in west based on Vrishabhaayam, cattle shed in northwest based on Kharaayamtreasury in north based on Gajaayam, prayer room in northeast following Kaakaayam.

If a house facing north project into the street, it attracts street redvy in eastern resdy and in western- northwest. E-Gift Couponclick here. Once the fifth head of Brahama, the donkey head, laughed at Rudra, the fierce, at his nakedness, Digamabaram.

In Marga, Push and Magha the head of Vaasthu purusha will be in the south, facing the west. Lastly vertical intersection of northern lateral side also decides exalted and exiguous positions. In case of northeastern block, construction of any structure in northeastern portion right on the boundary and truncated, or elevation of northeastern portion, results in adverse effects on the inhabitants.

This is a very benificent feature.

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There after I never had toanswer her, asall my experimentssfarted yielding expected results and took me aloft in my research. The Secret World of Vaasthu a 33 The earth has been revolving round the sun, in a geostationary orbit tiupati over crore years. Water sump in east and eastern northeast – Pumps the health into house, abreast.

We get water in three forms viz. Many scholars of South India do not know this; a pity! Venkatesh our computer operators, in composing this book and Mrs. Janarthan, in bringing update this fourth edition with relevantadditions; thoroughly revised.


If rdedy is a projection in northeast, the residents lead prosperous lives for generations.

Its due to and into it the magnetic effect caused by its rotation. If the main entrance of a house is located in eastern exalted position, the furniture and other heavy fixtures are generally An Exit in west tirpati southwestern room, in debilitated position of the house – Health condition confusing for the spouse.

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If the eastern road is more elevated than the site, the main entrance of the house may be fixed in north, provided the northern road is less elevated. Doubts are being expressed regarding proper place for laying foundation. According to Varaha Purana, an ancient epic, a king named Sankhu was able to regain his empire by performing penance on a hill situated to the west of the lake, on the advice of Aakasavani, the celestial voice. Southern southwest street thrust – Hits at the wealth and health of female most.

The Secret World of Vaasthu 75 But, an unimagined great disaster will fall upon the Nilayam, because of 1 goury of the compound wall with eastern southeast projection ; 2 construction of rooms on eastern end ; 3 the feddy is covered and cut off ; 4 the eastern southeast of Babas Mandir is covered. From this it is cleuTThat the universal concept of sky is beyond human imagination or comprehension as it is subjected to never ending expansion. It is laid down that tall trees should be planted in the west, to prevent the powerful rays of the sun during the afternoons, causing harm to the human beings and for helping the process of photosynthesis.

These fragmented atoms, when get converged or compressed, become charged with heat and light, due to friction and spears out into all directions. Street trust in northern northeast – Enhances avenues for female happiness the richest. Apart from the tidupati cardinal directions there arc four intermediate directions or corners.

If the northeastern portion of the house or the plot is truncated the residents would vsatu have male progeny or if at all there is, the progeny would suffer physically or mentally and would meet premature death.

Vaasthu is the means of capturing the positive bountiful power of the three elements: He speaks the truth always, Shuns voifence, Well – wisher of the elders Feels alike His-self; All Engroving the senses – five, Being in way of Dharma Newer engulfed in passion The Flight – way, performs he The six ardent acts Straight forward ness, Tranquillity and study of Scriptures are The precious wealth of Brahmana.


Since the view of Orientalists differed to that of Westerns view, it was kept secret which made it to be a myth. The favourable effect is mainly due to street focus in western north west. Of this block if the gates of the compound wall in east and north are more elevated than the vasfu level, negative effects would follow.

Gouru Thirupathi Reddy – online Telugu Books

Likewise horizontal intersection of the western lateral side too decides the exalted and exiguous position. The effect will be vice versa, if the tall trees are grown in the east.

Same principle is applicable in respect of straight projections also. Same feeling makes me think of the universal phenomenon like earth, sun, airand water, which possess a sort of natural discipline in them, on account of which, they cast homogeneous influence on all the living beings.

Hence the interested persons are advised to contact me in person between 3rd and 15th of every month at Hyderabad and 20th to at the end of the month at Bangalore alongwith accurate measurements and sketch of the plot or house; reddt fixing up a prior appointment at the following.

In case of northeastern block, if the roads in east and north are laid in such a way, that the northeastern tip of the plot is projected, the residents of such plot lead a fabulous life and their progeny would prove to be highly intellectual and possess moral and sacrificial values. This is one of the tirupait features of Vasthu of this temple.

The guru is added after every 4 years, making a leap year of days. But, since change is the law of nature, the concept of Vaasthu has also under gone a change over a period. It was a well known fact reddyy the ancestors, that the sun would be straight on the head at Midday or on equator on 21st March and 23rd September which is called equinox, when the day and the night would be approximately equal i.