Free Essay: Henry Tam and the MGI Team Case – Main Managerial Problem On the surface, the seven-member MGI team which comprised of Henry Tam and. Sep 7, Henry tam at mgi team. 1. 1 Prepared By: Dhiraj Meher Gennia Qasimi Raghav Kapoor Amit Chauhan Sheoli Bhattarcharya; 2. Evaluation. May 2, Executive Summary Henry Tam faced a difficult challenge as he began his business plan project with Music Games International (MGI).

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But the time crunch meant that they would not have enough time to find a leader from outside. By henyr so, tensions or discomforts would have been much lower among the team.

Dana and Henry were both HBS students but on paper, they had no track record in helping start-up companies except coming from an Ivy League university. This was further fuelled by the lengthy and disorganized meetings and slow progress to deliver the business plan.

To some level he had succeeded by taking the role of the compromiser to resolve the conflict between Sasha and Dana. Without a leader, the team struggled with developing credibility and influence among team members and establishing a motivating vision. Henry needs to eliminate personality conflicts among the team, and get everyone to agree on a joint team decision. He had a strong reputation in the music industry, had market exposure in both US and Europe, had good connections having received commission works from various parties and had experience in business set ups.

An Analysis of Henry Tam and the MGI Team | College Writing Samples

MGI team is considered as intercultural team with its members from different cultures. There was a guy with business management experience, but he couldn’t get along with Sasha.


Finance Globalization Health Care.

Three of them were immigrants to US from the former Soviet Union and they have been friends for a long time, particularly Sasha and Igor. Most of the team members liked him.

Dave believes the group is impacted due to the cultural differences. The other alternative that Henry could do to increase the team’s effectiveness was to look for a neutral third party as the leader.

Henry believed that a neutral leader with the industry expertise and teamwork leadership skills could help the team to move ahead much faster. Cohen Harper Business,Leadership Engine: They were important tfam they definitely knew better than any of us how to write a successful business plan, how the contest work and so on.

It was clear the team did not had a leader and no specific roles were assigned for the team members.

Even though Henry and Dana had researched the education market well and impressed Igor and Roman with their Power Point slides summarizing their work but they seemed to be the only one contributing thus far, no indication of quality work from other team members were evidenced in the case.

Exit involves removing a team member when other options have failed Brett, Bear, and Kern, We would evaluate the strengths of the MGI team based on each individuals skills, knowledge, expertise and personality to analyse whether they would be a good team and would this team work. The team begins to form a culture of its own. An effective leader is skillful in leading teams. However, they struggle to reach to a consensus to find a way to develop a strong business plan.

Alex views the major difference or point of conflict as that between the creativity of Igor and Roman and business sense of Dana and Henry. Brett, Behfar, and Kerns stated that most successful teams and managers, dealt with multicultural challenges in one of four ways: Managerial intervention is setting norms early or bringing in a higher-level manager Brett, Bear, and Kern, And lastly, they did not set the norms and values and did not spend time developing a good working culture from the start.


We believe that if MGI team members were more concern about its behaviors accordingly and consistently, the team would have been more productive and efficient in the performance. Henry could have written the meeting objectives and communicated them clearly to the group prior the meetings. Additionally, Sash feels that they would set themselves for a failure since they have no interest in the education market or have the experience.

Henry Tam and Mgi Team

Rationale There would also be heated discussions in regarding how to proceed. His CV did not indicate his key achievements. The HOBS students believe that the product has a greater chance of success towards the education industry. And the new leader would definitely not have the luxury of time to herny each team member’s skills and abilities. In the beginning we tried to make the company bigger by adding some people, but it didn’t work out.