Hukum Avogadro translation in Indonesian-English dictionary. Also known as Avogadro’s constant. Avogadro’s Law /a-vuh-gah-dros / lo/ ( hukum Avogadro) It states that at the same temperature and pressure, equal number. Hukum Avogadro (English to Swahili translation). Translate Hukum Avogadro to English online and download now our free translation software to use at any time.

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An equivalent formulation of the ideal gas law can be written using Boltzmann constant k Bas. Pembolehubah tetap gas unggul mempunyai nilai yang sama pada semua gas. Avogadro’s law provides a way to calculate the quantity of gas in a receptacle.

Retrieved from ” https: Hukum Avogadro Hipotesis Avogadroatau Prinsip Avogadro merupakan satu hukum gas yang dinamakan sempena Amedeo Avogadroyang membuat suatu hipotesis pada tahun bahawa:.

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Contohnya, gas hidrogen dan gas nitrogen pada isi padu yang sama mempunyai bilangan molekul yang sama, sekiranya pada suhu dan tekanan yang sama. Later standardization of the Avogado System of Unitslead to the modern definition of the Avogadro constant.

Annales de chimie in French. Avogadro’s law states that, “equal volumes of all gases, at the same temperature and pressure, have the same number of molecules. Gas laws Amount of substance.

Avogadro’s law

Gas-gas dengan isi padu yang sama, pada suhu dan tekanan yang sama, mempunyai bilangan zarah atau molekul yang sama. Avogadro’s hkkum as it was known originally was formulated in the same spirit of earlier empirical gas laws like Boyle’s lawCharles’s law and Gay-Lussac’s law This law describes how, under the same condition of temperature and pressureequal volumes of all gases contain the same number of molecules. Lihat Terma-Terma Penggunaan untuk avigadro lanjut.


Similarly, if the number of moles of gas is decreased, then the volume also decreases. Laman ini diubah buat kali terakhir pada Hukum Avogadro, berserta hukum gas gabunganmembentuk hukum gas unggul.

Thus, the number of molecules or atoms in a specific volume of ideal gas is independent of their size or the molar mass of the gas. For a given mass of an ideal gasthe volume and amount afogadro of the gas are directly proportional if the temperature and pressure are constant. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Hukum Avogadro – English to Swahili Translation

Avogadro’s law sometimes referred to as Avogadro’s hypothesis or Avogadro’s principle is an experimental gas law relating the volume of a gas to the amount of substance of gas present.

Views Read Edit View history. Daripada Wikipedia, ensiklopedia bebas. Gas sebenar mungkin akan menyimpang daripada nilai ini. Hukum Avogadro Hipotesis Avogadroatau Prinsip Hjkum merupakan satu hukum gas yang dinamakan sempena Amedeo Avogadroyang membuat suatu hipotesis pada tahun bahawa: Avkgadro, bilangan molekul pada isi padu gas yang tertentu adalah bebas daripada saiz atau jisim molekul gas itu.

Hukum Avogadro

Akibat Hukum Avogadro yang terpenting adalah berikut: The derivation of Avogadro’s law follows directly from the ideal gas lawhukuk. This apparent contradiction was finally resolved by Stanislao Cannizzaroas announced at Karlsruhe Congress infour years after Avogadro’s death. Ruang nama Rencana Perbincangan. Relationship between volume and number of moles of a gas at constant temperature and pressure. For comparing the same substance under two different sets of conditions, the law can be usefully expressed as follows:.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. At the same time, precision experiments avogavro Jean Baptiste Perrinlead to uhkum definition of Avogadro number, to refer to the number of molecules in one gram-molecule of oxygen.

Bilangan molekul dalam satu mole dipanggil nombor Avogadro: As an example, equal volumes of molecular hydrogen and nitrogen contain the same number of molecules when they are at the same temperature and pressure, and observe ideal gas behavior.

Avogadro’s law – Wikipedia

Ini bermaksud bahawa pembolehubah tetap. Revue d’histoire des sciences in French: Journal de physique, de chimie, et d’histoire naturelle in French.

The law is named after Amedeo Avogadro who, in[2] [3] hypothesized that two given samples of an ideal gas, of the same volume and at the same temperature and pressure, contain the same number of molecules.