Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin. Add to Wishlist. Hobgoblin. By: John Coyne Scott plunges deeper and deeper into the dreamlike allure of Hobgoblin until more than. Hobgoblin is just a game. Ballycastle is just a house. Scott is just a lonely teenage boy. Until one Hallowe’en, a Hobgoblin kills everyone he loves. Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin by John Coyne. Published July by Berkley Books. pages. So last night I finished my long-overdue reread of.

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Hell, people die at the end of this book, and we’re never even informed of the consequences of any of that. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. The only thing I can think is either the publisher didn’t want the original ending, or two different books were written and were slapped together.

I jobgoblin the front and back cover blubs.

What I thought was going to be a nice bit of early 80’s horror, turned into more of a coming of age, teenage drama with just hints of terror splashed here and there. Then we get a scene of him in the woods by his new home a guest house by a castle naturally, but I’ll get to thattrying to shoot squirrels with a slingshot, because he thinks they’re evil forest spirits.

Flash forward thirty five years. I wish some like minds like us could get together and Kickstart something; especially since it would incorporate tabletop minis, and cards as well A former Peace Corps Volunteer and a life-long lover of golf, Coyne has edited and written a number of John Coyne born is an American writer.


It would appeal to teen and adult audiences, male or female. De adulto no lo hizo tanto, pero reconozco los elementos que lo lograron en su momento.

Hobgoblin by John Coyne

The ending just stops. Later, by then a gamer and fantasy freak, I wondered still about this book. There’s a 2 page epilogue, a note written from Scott jlhn Valerie, that doesn’t even attempt to explain the million questions everyone at the party would have had.

He is the author of more than twenty-five nonfiction and fiction books, including a number of horror novels, while his hobglblin stories have been collected in “best of” anthologies such as Modern Masters of Horror and The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. I saw the book and, as any kid that age at that time would do, I HAD to know what was the art underneath the cover.

Ever since then, when I come across a copy of Hobgoblin that’s in really good condition I’m compelled to buy it as though I have to keep grabbing and finding and keeping something I was certain I’d never see again or ever find out what it was. Let hobgohlin count the ways.

Hobgoblin by John Coyne (1982, Paperback)

One hibgoblin those gamers I met is my closest friend for the past three and a half decades. I’ll keep an eye over my shoulder for those creatures. With the recent explosion of games like World of Warcraft, Magic – The Gathering, and other Dungeons and Dragons type games, it’s like Coyne wrote this last year. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. So he’s throwing the biggest party of the year.

The mother starts off as just a mom, trying to do right by her son, but instead kind of turns hornball, and then not, and then back and then not. Skip to main content. Sure, Valerie acts affronted immediately afterwards, but within a couple of pages, she’s always back to trailing after him like a homesick puppy. He lives in Pelham Manor, New York, with his wife and son. She gives Bella Swan a run for her money, except, Bella Swan actually has some depth ckyne a case can be made for her.


Be mindful at night of the nuckelavees and the Black Annis! To ask other readers questions about Hobgoblonplease sign up.

Open Preview See a Problem?


Tragedy back kohn strikes and Scott’s life is uprooted and he has to leave the hobgoblun school and move back home. Scott Gardiner–shattered by his father’s death, harassment by classmates, and his mother’s involvement with a colleague researching the heritage of an ancient castle–slips gradually into a horrifying world of dreams. And openly hostile to everyone around him? A great book, and a wonerful character who makes you feel like you’re not the only one who feeds off of your over-active imagination.

The other has two people who strips her naked and leaves her tied and blindfolded on a gravestone. Okay, I reread this. All the best in your efforts towards making a Hobgoblin game