Best Collection of Telugu. books — voters I never read a Telugu story book except for academic purposes. Read Kanyasulkam Telugu Gurajada Apparao book reviews & author details and more at Kanyasulkam Telugu Novel By Gurajada Apparao. kanyasulkam – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or modern, progressive Telugu play, Kanyasulkam, authored in the last decade of the This is a work of social protest in fiction, against an age–old practice of.

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Madhuravani, the muse of Girisam during the beginning of telugi play, and that of Ramappa Panthulu in the rest of the play, is portrayed as a very righteous, wise, magnanimous and able woman who is willing to even bend over backwards to help someone in need.

Much of that comedy occurs as dialogue between Girisam and his various love interests, and also during the marriage of Lubdhavadhanulu to a boy disguised as a girl. He claims to be a progressionist, but claiming is all he does. It deals primarily with the lives of the “upper caste” Brahmins of the area, although it offers a few insights into the lives of other people as well.

Widow marriage was a taboo in Brahmin society and I think other castes just followed them blindly because they think Brahmins are the authority over religion and practicesso such girls lead a terrible life as a widow.

Contemporary Indian society is depicted in a very real fashion, without glorifying it so that it has the effect of being ‘in-your-face’.

Kanyasulkam – Wikipedia

This practice becomes super evil when girls are married off by their parents to much older grooms for money. Safiya rated it liked it Sep 13, The play includes a few gut-wrenching scenes such as one where Agnihothravadhanulu, an egoisticmale-chauvinistic Brahmin and a key player in the play, barbarically slams his food plate onto the face of his young, widowed daughter, when she requests that he reconsider his decision to marry his pre-pubescent daughter to an old man.


Read it if you can read Telugu.

Madhu 26 December Mahavir Reddy rated it it was amazing Sep 19, Parents felt happy when their children sang rhymes in English.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Madhuravani’s character is awesome. As a pleasure-woman, she knows when and how to dominate men. Pinninti Peddinaidu rated it it was amazing Mar 15, Even though published hundred years back it still novdl characters which we see daily.

kanyasulkam : Gurajada Apparao : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

That is pretty much the kind of reading culture that Nlvel was exposed to and the kind of treatment Telugu got. The play also depicts, amusingly, the practices of orthodox Brahmins, such as Madiwith a particular character in the play even shrivelling away from everyone and everything like a touch-me-not, lest he might lose his sanctity.

Sridharrao rated it it was amazing Aug 27, Dowry kanyasulka, a serious problem in current Indian society where the bride’s family pays outrageous amount to the groom’s family i. Books by Gurazada Apparao. If a person kanyaslkam trust you, it’s politics. Even I had to Google society’s perceptions of Niyogi Brahmins vs. Overall, this play depicts the situation and practice of Kanyasulkam very well, and underscores the affects very well, in a way common people can understand.



All the characters stick in the back of your mind and its hard to forget madhuravani or gireesam. Views Read Edit View history. If someone records your questions and my answers on a palm leaf, it will be a sacred text — after a couple of hundred years it will be known as Tobaccopanishad. He is so unwilling, in fact, that he wouldn’t think twice about taking the easiest path to fulfilling his desires, even if he is trampling upon someone else’s life while he is on his way.

For people who think the book is very much behind our times, let me tell you that Gurajada is ahead of us in his thinking and clarity of thought. If you give me power over heaven in your absence—for just six hours—I will fix a few mistakes in your creation.

A very good read with humor and the painful reality in those days. A number of expressions used by Gurazada in this play are still popular in modern-day Telugu. To demonstrate the country situation in his times.

I never telkgu thought about daily life in Colonial India, and this book gave an interesting insight on how British administration affected people in villages. A fantastic playwright and his humor is unmatched.