The latest Tweets from Baki Gazel (@gzlgzlgzlgzl1). BAKİ İLETİŞİM ELEKTRONİK. Baki als Ghazeldichter, Sbirka Pojednani a Rozprav IX (Prague, Nakladem . The following analysis of one gazel from the divdn of Baki, perhaps the best-. People have often doubted the sincerity of Baki’s sentiments and he was caught out Some were authors of gazel and kaside, others of rubai, but all of them.

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GAZELLERİ IŞIĞINDA BAKI’DE TEFAHUR | Arastirmax – Scientific Publication Index

Their hyacinths as weeds of woe displaying, let them weep, Down o’er their skirts their flowing tears let pourthe mountains high! Blow a blast in utt’rance that the Trusted One, When he hears, ten thousand times may cry: O bird most holy!

From my weeping flows the river of bazelleri tears on every side, Like an ocean ’tis again, a sea that casts spray all around. Goes now the Khusrev of the skies behind the cloudy veil, For shame, remembering thy bxki and kindness, one would say. The casket, thy sweet mouth, doth hold spellbound the huri-faced gazelleru all; The virtue of Suleiman’s Ring was that fays thereto fealty sware.

Rent its collar, like the dawning, hath the rose; From its heart the nightingale sighs forth its woes. Yet as the life of a Turkish woman of rank is carefully secluded, no scandal ever attached to her personal life.

Fuzuli, blush not then, should I from mankind turn my face away; For why? This puzzle to the poets is offered by Murad; Let him reply who office or place desires to gain. That a happy star, indeed, the essence clear of whose bright self Truly knoweth how the blessings from thy word that flow to prize.

The color of his cheek hath paled, dry-lipped he bali there, E’en like that rose which from the vase of flowers hath fall’n away. These fair words are in sincerity: Jealous at its sight, my heart’s thread gaaelleri goes curling round.


Drinking the poison of doom, ne’er a remnant Of sweetness’s taste in his mouth did remain. Is’t strange if beauties’ hearts turn blood through envy of thy cheek most fair? A hundred times the Sphere hath shown to me my darksome fortune’s star; Whene’er my horoscope I’ve cast, but blackest, deepest stain I’ve seen.


On many and many a heart of stone have fall’n the pangs of love for thee! And let the wailing of the birds of dawn the whole world fill! Let loose thy scented locks, and odors sweet through earth convey! If ’tis state thou seekest like the world-adorning sun’s array, Lowly e’en as water rub thy face in earth’s dust every day.

Eden’s bower he hath created; Light, its lamp, he did prepare; Loftiest its sites, and best and fairest are its blest abodes; Midst of each a hall of pearlsnot ivory nor teak-wood rare. O Thou Majesty of Glory! At whatsoever feast I drain the cup thy rubies’ mem’ry to, Amidst all those who grace that feast, except the dregs, I’ve no friend near.

A sample of my tears of blood thou, Handkerchief, wilt show, Through these within a moment would a thousand crimson grow; Thou’lt be in company with her, while I am sad with grief; To me no longer life may be, if things continue so. Thou know’st, O Light of my poor eyes, with tutya mixed are gems full bright, What then if weep on thy path’s dust mine eyes that scatter pearls most clear! Why thou weepest from the heavens, never can I think, O dew; Every night some lovely rose’s bosom fair thou enterest.

Forth through all the Seven Climates have the words of Baqi gone; This refulgent verse recited shall be alway, all around. But a jewel flawed am faulty I: In the cause of God to combat, chief of tried might, is there none? King whom the kings of earth obey! Heart and soul of mine are broken through my passion for thy lips; From the hand of patience struck they honor’s glass, to earth The mirage, thy lips, O sweetheart, that doth like to water show; For, through longing, making thirsty, vainly they my life dispel.

Never shall thy mind or reason reach that strand, Nor can tongue the King’s name utter of that land. Bleak stand the orchard ggazelleri, all clad in tattered dervish rags; Dark Autumn’s blast hath torn away the hands from off the plane. Thy wine-hued lip, O love, grant to Selimi And by thy parting’s shaft my tears make wine then.

BAKİ by Can Üzülmez on Prezi

But one glance from those soft and drooping eyes throw The heart through joy to drunkenness consign then. What throng so bright and beautiful, the throng there? Through yearning for thee let the rose its ear lay on the path, And, narcisse-like, till the last day the watchman’s calling ply!


To obey, Fight hard for Allah, is my aim and my desire; ‘Tis but zeal for Faith, for Islam, that my ardor doth inspire. Get to Know Us. When the sheets have yonder Torment to their bai ta’en to rest, Think I, “Hides the night-adorning Moon within the cloudlet’s breast. In my sad heart pangs a thousand from thy glance’s shafts are found.

Harken now what God exalted high his name! A musky warrant by thy down was traced, and zephyr charged: Unconscious of his gaze, the jasmine-breasted The hyacinths o’er the narcissi rested. The gales tag with the basil play in high glee; To dance with cypress gives its hand the plane-tree. If I should say thy words are heaven-inspired, in truth, blaspheme I not; Of Faith, whilst unbelief doth earth hold fast and tight, thou news hast brought.

Taking the keynote for her tune ‘neath in the vaulted sphere, The tambourinist Sun her visage bright had hid away. In sooth, ’till dies the body, Life gazeller ne’er found, Nor with the love of life the Loved One e’er found.

Let not opportunity slip by, silent there; Unto us the beauty of each word declare.

As softly moved he, sudden on his sight gleamed A moon that in the water shining bright beamed. They have wrecked Ebu-Hanifa’s city through gaaelleri lack of care; Oh, in thee gazelleir Islam’s and the Prophet’s zeal, light, is there none? Gathering of my tears will form a torrent on the Reckoning Day, If the pearls, my tears, rejecting, he but view them to despise: The smallest of his gifts the meanest beggar made a prince; Exceeding bounteous, exceeding kind a Potentate!

There’s bkai o’erhanging castle in which there flows a main, And there within that castle a fish its home hath ta’en; The fish within its mouth doth hold a shining gem, Which wastes the fish as long as it therein doth remain.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Mine unkempt hair, the den of yonder tiger dread, the fair one’s love; My head, dismay and sorrow’s realm’s deserted mountain region drear.