Beguiling the Beauty (The Fitzhugh Trilogy Book 1) – Kindle edition by Sherry Thomas. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. When the Duke of Lexington meets the mysterious Baroness von Seidlitz- Hardenberg on a transatlantic liner, he is fascinated. She’s exactly. Author: Sherry Thomas Publication Info: Berkeley Sensation ISBN: Genre: Historical: European. Beguiling the.

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The hero makes a mistake and is punished in a singular fashion for it, but of course that goes awry because he’s also a really decent guy. But it is so trope-y. This author has a really wonderful way of putting words together.

Not a declaration of love befitting a quirky, irritating and irrational romcom and some giggles. A wounded, lonely woman; a lonley wounded man They share anecdotes, dreams, interests, histories, humor and sweet, significant moments before suffering a poignant separation, where we witness their daily angst.

All that prettiness on the surface, quite useless where it counts.

As if that weren’t attention-grabbing enough, she also had red hair, the most magnificent head of it since Good Queen Bess, and malachite green eyes. And goodness knows you could probably exhaust Casanova himself. And when he spoke, she smiled.

When Venetia, veiled and hidden, bumps into Christian in the lobby of their hotel after hearing his tirade against her, she only thinks to avoid outright vitriol and so pretends to be the Baroness von Seidlitz-Hardenberg. Passion Favors the Bold. It looks so uncomfortable!

The main character is supposed to be almost supernaturally beautiful; if the illustrator Gregg Gulbronson; the designer’s name is George Long didn’t feel up to that, couldn’t he have just done a nice floral pattern instead? Duke blahdiblah meets mysterious Baroness soandso while traveling, hot passionate affair, then she disappears because she’s secretly “a proper young widow,” YAWN.


No question of coercion or anything untoward. A Lady’s Code of Misconduct. Updated to ghe stars on re-read Not as good as I’ve come to expect from Sherry Thomas.

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beguilingg Venetia had all but bribed the editor of the Queen to offer the American assignment to Helena, then proceeded to wear down Helena’s opposition to leaving England.

So it perhaps is appropriate that I start with the plot progression.

The characters’ shared interest in fossils is a great touch, and the hero’s gift to the heroine of a huge slab of rock with dinosaur footprints is a priceless way to win her heart. Venetia Fitzhugh Townsend, a thomzs lady was simply the most beautiful woman Christian had ever seen.

Beguiling the Beauty (Fitzhugh Trilogy, book 1) by Sherry Thomas

Any more and I’ll be looking at a whole book on the subject. There is nothing wrong with being powerfully attracted to a beautiful someone whose character is a total mystery to you, but I want to take the idea that this can be Love, and that it can and should be important to the attracted person, and that this experience can and should be a life-changing event, and crumple it into a tiny ball and bite it and jump on it and then set it on fire.

Neither of them are really cruel and they have quite the believable HEA. Her original plan of charming Christian and introducing him to Helena, her unmarried sister, turns into a plot of vengeance for outing her in public, even though most of the Harvard audience would not be able to make the connection. In fact, if the entire book was like that section, this would easily be a five-star, all-time favorite romance for me.


Beguiling the Beauty

And then, the most ridiculous resolution to the most asinine conflict occurs, in the form of sherdy gossip who spread the word about Christian’s badmouthing of Venetia. Worse, though, these PoV shifts were shoe-horned in at awkward places where they broke the momentum and plot into tiny little pieces. Yes, I know it’s ; no, that doesn’t make this 21st-century reader any happier to read about women policing other women’s sexuality, especially when there’s so little trust among these supposedly close relatives that they never even talk to the sister about any of it.

But I loved her because she appeared so normal, the every day English Lady whom people seem to see only bwguiling by her enticing beauty.

Jan 23, Ilze rated it really liked it Shelves: But in many ways, ST’s novel is a more satisfying read. It was like Thomas just got tired of writing and gave up.

Venetia, Fitz, and Millie had agonized over what to do to protect this beloved sister.