At a time when the Christian church faces an ever-increasing challenge from a secular and pluralistic culture, leading apologist Norman Geisler provides a. Norman Geiser’s masterful work, Christian Apologetics, is a very thorough textbook that builds a strong epistemological foundation before even. £-V3 / Christian Apobgerics NORMAN, GEISLER UT-DAUASllBRARltS BT G43 stax .. One cannot draw l he limits of language and thought unless he has.

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Faith operates in the subjective and personal dimension that goes beyond purely rational processes. On the contrary, everything must be contingent for necessity applies only to thought and not to things, since any state of affairs could be otherwise.

Still not convinced about the role of apologetics but it was a good intellectual exercise in any case. It offers readers a systematic approach that presents both the reasons and the methods for defending the claims of Christianity.

Another characteristic of modern rationalism is the use of geometric deductions based on intuitively known self-evident truths. Geisler PhD, Loyola University of Chicago has taught at top evangelical schools for over fifty years and is distinguished professor of apologetics and theology at Veritas Evangelical Seminary in Murrieta, California.

Faith, n ot reason, is the door to truth.

Second, if the rationalist insists that at least in one case viz. However, he must observe something of what it is or he could l.teisler know that it is. The basis of Descartes’ rationalism was a clear or indubitable idea; Spinoza’s 7 – Spinoza. Books by Norman L. We do not know the Bible is God’s Word by any ob- jective evidence. Such is the impossible paradox resulting from the application of the category of causality to reality. Finite man can have only a finite knowledge of the infinite, not an infinite knowledge.


Religious cgristian existential truth in the highest sense, then, can be characterized as follows: University of Minnesota Press, The author gives the Christian apologetisc information needed to be an effective witness to unbelievers of varying religious persuasions.

What is said in Scripture is God’s thought. But rationalists tend to argue for the existence of God. On the other hand, neither is our knowledge of God through the Word of God purely equivocal, since we do know God indirectly through his self-revelation.

Christian Apologetics: Norman L. Geisler: : Books

Geisler’s “Ten Step Proof” for the existence of God is excellent and practical to use in evangelism. In addition to reinforcing what you’ve just read, these summaries are an easy-to-use reference for later use. Even a strange creature one had never seen before could not be observed to exist unless it had some recognizable characteristics as size, color, or movement.

Cnristian this regard Christ alone is the proof of Chris- tianity, “for in Jesus Christ, we prove God, and teach morality and doctrine” No. Feb 15, David rated it liked it Shelves: Paperbackpages. Another self-defeating dimension is implied within Kant’s admis- sion that chrsitian knows that the l.geidler is there but not what it is. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Summary and Conclusion There are two kinds of agnosticism: Evidence and reason do not point definitively in the direction of God. But again reality cannot be both contingent and necessary. Plan to take your time reading and making notes as Mr. But existence is a necessary element in the idea of an absolutely perfect Being. apo,ogetics

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Man’s basic problem is not ignorance of God’s revelation but offense at its intrusion into his life. The first is religiosity but the last is Christianity. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Even some- thing invisible must leave some effect or trace in order to be observed.


Have you been frustrated by the basic apologetics taught in your Sunday school class? Karl Barth dropped a bombshell on the theological ‘3. Systematic consistency means that whatever most consistently and comprehensively fits into that system is true.

Book Review: Christian Apologetics by Norman Geisler | Apologetics

In this teleological suspension of the ethical Abraham’s faith transcended 4. As we shall see, this position may be viewed as methodological fideism.

There is a general or natural revelation but nothing can be built on it. And the more we doubt, the more certain we are of one thing namely, that we are doubting. Such, for Clark, is the system of Biblical Christianity.

Christian Apologetics

Barth sets forth his view most positively in his response to Brun- ner’s contention that Calvin admitted the validity of a general or The failure of all philosophical at- tempts to establish truth either secular or religious points up the need for a Christian presupposition. Clark admits that the fact that “revelation should be accepted without proofs or reasons, unde- duced from something admittedly true, seems odd when first proposed. And finally, with the Lordship of Christ established, a case can be made for the inspiration and authority of the Bible as a whole.

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Common terms and phrases Abraham accept Acts apologist apostles Aquinas atheist authority B. See all 41 reviews.

Truth is subjective and personal, and the acid test is one’s submission to and abiding in truth.