The LIR, manufactured by LI-COR, is a silicon pyranometer that accurately Calibrated against an Eppley precision spectral pyranometer (PSP) for the. CR23X, or CR7 datalogger to an EPPLEY Precision Spectral Pyranometer (PSP). The. PSP is a high quality pyranometer used for extremely accurate solar. Eppley PSP The Eppley Precision Spectral Pyranometer (PSP) is a World Meteorological Organization First Class Radiometer, designed for the measurement of.

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Temperature measurements in the thermal collector: The resulting increase of temperature is measured via thermocouples connected pyranomwter series or series-parallel to make a thermopile. Images LIR-L with cable.

Contrarily to the Eppley PSP orthe Apogee pyranometer is equiped with silicon photovoltaic cell. Because of the thermopile characteristics the instruments could be small, light, low cost, have a continuous voltage output signal, and not require any external electrical power or control systems.

Global Precision Pyranometer – The Eppley Laboratory, EPLAB

The higher refractive index further improves the directional response and better thermal conductivity than glass provides other performance benefits. Privacy Policy Update We’ve updated our privacy policy. Measurements are taken every 10 seconds and at the end of each minute, the average of the 60 measurements is calculated and stored. Delft – The Netherlands T: A pyranometer Greek pur fire, anaabove and metronepply was installed in early November The Apogee pyranometer is at the bottom right end of the picture.

We’ve updated our privacy policy. TINI Tiny INternet Interface is a product of created ten years ago by Dallas SemiconductorDallas then later acquired by Maxim to illustrate the concept of “coffee machine on the Internet,” a pyanometer that all domestic electrical equipment would soon be interfaced on the Internet, making it possible to monitor and control them remotely.

Gorczynski of the Polish Meteorological Institute decided to construct a ;yranometer and a pyranometer using modified Moll-Gorczynski thermopiles.

It measures, therefore, exactly the energy received by the thermal panel and photovoltaic panel. The LIR measures incoming solar radiation with a silicon photovoltaic detector mounted in a cosine-corrected head.


As it provides a direct measurement of the flux of solar energy reaching the solar thermal and photovoltaic, it is the most appropriate instrument to measure the epp,ey of these sensors.

Two hemispheres of Schott glass transparent to a wide range of wavelengths protect the black surface of the thermopile elements and reduce the amount of heat transfer between the hot junction of the thermopile and the environment. Measurement of the hot water drawn out of the tank: Therefore, virtually no heat is exchanged downwards virtually no heat transfer by conduction.

They then measure global irradiance, that is to say one that comes from all sources in the hemisphere located above the surface: Accurate, Versatile Compatible with most Campbell Scientific data loggers. In winter, the solar collector “preheats” the water which is then heated by the central heating in the upper half of the reservoir. The data acquistion system has changed several times. We have taken the option to acquire several Eppley PSP pyranometers and to pyranometwr them.

Dallas devoted a team of talented engineers to TINI. The Apogee pyranometer and the Eppley pyranometer not shown in the picture produced measurements which were different from the three Eppley PSP, which shows that pyranometer can be phranometer by drift. It uses a silicon photovoltaic detector mounted in a cosine-corrected head to measure solar radiation.

The equipment for testing pjranometer three Eppley PSP pyranometers is shown below. In Marchthe heating system was equipped with pyranometet Vessmann Vitosolic regulator, which provides a much more effective control than the old Vitosolic regulator.

The black surface is in contact with the hot junction of a heat detector that works by thermoelectric effect thermopile consisting of gold-palladium thermocouples. The current acquisition system is built around the Maxim Tini microcontroller.

The temperature in the collector red dot rises in an uncontrolled way. One advantage of TINI is that it allows direct use of a range of 1-wire sensors and devices, another interesting line of products created by the same team of engineers at Dallas. The passive cold junctions of the thermopile are in thermal contact with the pyranometer housing, which serves as a heat-sink.


Since December 9,this system has been replaced by the new TINI microcontroller-based system described above. The control and data acquisition of our solar energy system evolved over time.

Standard Precision Pyranometer

They provide a total isolation of both the logic signal and the 5 volt supply. The graphs are generated using the JPgraph PhP library. Detailed Description The LIR measures incoming solar radiation with a silicon photovoltaic detector mounted in a cosine-corrected head.

The collector consists of 30 glass vacuum tubes, each containing a black metal plate which absorbs solar radiation. The detector generates a small voltage in proportion to the temperature difference between the black absorbing surface and the instrument housing.

However, it was not until a meteorological conference at Utrecht in that Dr. The pyranometer at the back was lacking its screen when we acquired it. Swissnox digital watt meter Energy Meter S25 inserted at the output of the inverter, giving two pulses for each watt hour produced, filtering of the pulses using a as Schmitt trigger4N32 optocoupler, 1-wire DS integrated circuit as pulse counter directly connected to TINI.

A copper tube welded to each plate contains a pressured gas which serves as the heat transfer fluid which carries the heat collected in the tubes to a heat exchanger located in the upper part of the collector.

Depending upon the glass, the transmission is from nm or less to about pyranmeter. Overview The LIR, manufactured by LI-COR, is a silicon pyranometer that accurately monitors sun plus sky radiation for solar, agricultural, meteorological, and hydrological applications. The water in the reservoir is stratified i.