Previously I have always used Eurolites and have been disappointed by the deflectors – easy to follow the instructions & position correctly (seemed easier than. Travelspot Travel Spot Eurolites N Headlamp Adaptors for Driving in Europe With so many different headlight design it is hard to have clear instructions. Eurolites Headlamp Beam Deflectors Safely Deflects Headlamp Beam when HID Headlamps Contains Comprehensive Fitting Instructions for + Vehicles.

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The position is not critical as it only needs to stop the beam defecting to the left. There are four versions of Eurolites: We trust the above information will allow you erolites successfully apply your Eurolites, but please email us at help travelspot.

By a process of experimentation it will be possible to find the optimum position for the Adaptor.

Perhaps if you actually knew the product ie the protectors, then you would know that the black bits on the photo was not a ‘pennies worth of sticky tape’ as you implied, but the actual correctly shaped reflectors that come with the protectors – part of the kit. This updated information can take time to filter down through store stocks, so we have included the latest eurolitees below to assist with the fitting of Eurolites to these types of headlight. Generally, the Adaptor nistructions fit in the same position NOT the opposite position on each of the two Headlamps.


Travel Spot – Eurolites Headlamp Beam Adaptors

This means when you use your vehicle in countries where you drive on the left UKyou will dazzle oncoming drivers at night. Knaus Boxstar Street. Home Driving in Europe? This is in addition to your statutory rights, as we want you to be happy instrictions your purchase.

These copies are proving dangerous because: Ticket Clip – Ticket Holder. Not fitting Headlamp Adapters could also invalidate your motor insurance. This will severely dazzle other road users, is dangerous, illegal, and must be prevented at all times – night or day including, rain, fog, etc.

Vernon Eurolitss – 7: Please fit as follows: I don’t think one can logically expect a little piece of translucent plastic stuck on the outside of a headlight to turn a left-dipping beam pattern magically eurolitez a ‘proper’ right-dipping one. These had the masks for continental driving. A posting machine Posts: Even if your fitting-instructions cover your Boxer and you position the deflectors exactly where the instructions say, it wouldn’t surprise me if the effect were less than ideal.

Sorry I have to say this: Send them back to the seller and demand a refund. Home Driving in Europe?


Eurolites Headlamp Deflector positioning

These copies are proving dangerous because: I know the plastic masks are a tad expensive but they provide excellent coverage and you can still see perfectly to drive by which you may not get if you just stick them on anywhere to fool the police.

Designed by The Marketing Partnership. Pillar of the forums Posts: DriveRight Lane Safety Device. I also asked about this at a local VOSA roadside-check centre and was advised that they looked for evident vehicle lighting defects on foreign vehicles eg.

Deliberately aiming the beam well downwards to prevent dazzle is all very well – and may indeed be sufficient to avoid a Continental policeman’s wrath – but, in my experience, the practice seriously harms one’s forwards distance-vision when driving at night.

If you make the effort it should be fine. Frankia F i SD. Failure to adapt your headlamps will render your vehicle unfit for the road and could leave you open to prosecution. Hi, We’re off on our travels next week.