Spain (present-day Mexico), in , Gaspar Yanga led the escape of his fellow slaves into nearby mountains. There they lived for nearly 40 years, arming and. The heritage of Africans in Mexico after Christopher Columbus is a rarely explored topic in the history books of the Americas. Gaspar Yanga is one of the. Not keeping up with technology is an excellent path to becoming a slave. Happens to the best of humans. It happened to Gaspar Yanga, and.

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Thank you Bill and AfriSynergy for visiting and commenting.

We are all one from the same root. The influential Riva Palacio was also a novelist, short story writer, military general, and mayor of Mexico City.

I have somewhat a similar blog focusing specifically on Afro-Latinos. In addition, Yanga said this proposed district would return any slaves who might flee to it. It happened to Gaspar Yanga, and then he fought back. He published an account of Yanga in an anthology inand as a separate pamphlet in These colonies were called maroon because they were made up of African runaways who escaped from slavery in the Americas and formed independent settlements or joined with the indigenous people.

The first small African palenque was formed thereafter.

Yanga: An African Prince, Mexican Hero, and Freedom Leader

Tanga was said to be of the Bran tribe and was a direct descendant of the Royal family of Gabon. Yanga’s terms were agreed to, with the additional provisos that only Franciscan priests would tend to the people, and that Yanga’s family would be granted the right of rule. African ysnga marks and their meanings Tignon Laws: I have enjoyed my recent studies and findings of great African exploits in our world history, we have great military leaders such as ‘Hannibal Barca of late BC to to the great strategist of Queen Lamina of Nigeria.

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The Movement for Recognition November 30, Please post more articles like this one? Happens to the best of humans. Mexico and its people have always been motivated by freedom and the overall well-being of the community. I also have black relatives in the village of Mandinga which is in the same region.

Gaspar Yanga and Blacks in Mexico: Though it is poorly documented, we know yana life was simple: Bill, you also have a great blog with a wealth of information about Africans in Spanish-speaking countries. Yanga maintained the role of strategic organizer.

Gaspar Yanga: The slave from Gabon who dared to revolt in Mexico and won – Face2Face Africa

Thanks again, and Yes this should be in History books. El Yanga and Negro Yanga. Back to Online Encyclopedia Index. Search Submit Advertisement Advertisement.

Gaspar Yanga: The slave from Gabon who dared to revolt in Mexico and won

Coy Redic February 26, at 2: This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat Get updates Get updates. The most beautiful girl gxspar the world has been found in Nigeria and she is 5 years old What is that on your face?

By the town of San Lorenzo de los Negros de Cerralvo was established. But love the information!! Decades passed, Royal Road travelers were robbed.

Yanga struck an agreement with the colonial leader respecting Spain’s recognition of an autonomous region for the African community. This painting by Aydee Rodriquez, a renowned artist from the Costa Chica area depicts Yanga with the chains of slavery, a sword for the fight for freedom, and a book for education and gasar. Yanga was one of the many enslaved people brought over from West Africa and forced to work in the Spanish sugar plantations in New Spain Mexico.


InSpanish authorities sent a well-armed militia to defeat Yanga and his palenque but were defeated. Spain remained unable to rein in the resistance for more than three decades, in large part because of its leader: Finally inYanga achieved an agreement with the colonial government for self-rule of the maroon settlement.

Gaspar Yanga – Wikipedia

gasparr Freedom is what we appreciate most in this community. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from December The inspirational music powerhouse who beat the odds and forever reigns as Rock and Roll Queen.

Not keeping up with technology is an excellent path to becoming a slave. I enjoyed your information on Gaspar Yanga.

These people gxspar defeated the French in what is known today as Cinco de Mayo. The United States BlackPast. This last concession was necessary to soothe the worries of the many slave owners in the region. Encyclopedia of Slave Resistance and Rebellion.