The Harbal mastering software has been around for more than seven years now, and its first release version was reviewed by Martin Walker back in SOS March. After WaveLab, I have to have Harbal. The name is a short form for Harmonic Balance. It solves one of the most challenging phases of the mastering process.

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Har Bal balances the overall tone of a track.

Mastering Tutorial

Har-Bal allows you to instantly identify rogue resonances and correct them on the spot. Conclusions By coupling spectrum analysis with linear phase digital filtering Har-Bal provides the most powerful, yet functionally simple means of re-adjusting haral spectral balance of sound recordings, be they original new masters, or re-masters of existing works.

Spectrum Analyzer — checking for sudden spikes and overall patterns and adjust with your EQ You should get into the habit of taking any commercial song and studying them while these meters are running. Find what you believe to harbwl your best sounding CD and your worst sounding CD and analyze each in turn.

Equal loudness contours for human hearing subject to pure tones in a free-field with the subject facing the source from ISO recommendation R Take out your calculator and input What is Harmonic Balancing? This gives us a measure of the average and peak spectrum content displayed graphically from which we can quickly and easily judge the spectral balance of a given recording.


The envelope it already has from the analysis. It is realized as a log normal random deviate applied to a unity gain all pass response with the variance of the deviate tapering at higher frequencies to add warmth.

Can I create and save presets? Start typing and press Enter to search. We have a slow release time because fast gain change will lead to a lot of distortion. Add to that a certain level of automation with something called Intuit-Q which attempts to remove masking between frequencies. You may need to make small adjustments to the individual mastfring and release buttons for the first two bands.

Change the threshold numbers haarbal each band to match the new peak numbers that appear at the bottom.

Get used to it. This point is clearly illustrated in Figure 11, which shows the difference between envelope detection used traditionally and in Har-Bal. I know very little about sound, but I am interested in learning more and getting a home studio setup for music production.

The dynamics processing in Har-Bal is based entirely on the average level envelope that you see in the time-line. Your mastering chain should consist of the following: I know very little about sound, but I am interested in learning more and getting a home studio setup for music production.

Return from Harbal to Music Mastering Software. Without the taper it would sound too bright.

Har-Bal, on the other hand, uses an point linear phase FIR filter whose characteristics are designed to match and compensate for the average spectrum as closely as possible and the degree to which you can boost and cut a particular region harnal essentially unlimited. An extremely beneficial one when used properly.


You should to pay special attention to your RMS power levels and adjust these based on the genre of the music. In fact one company has very cleverly used this feature hrbal innovatively ‘restore’ classical recordings from the 78 era. Contact Me Free Sample.

Product Information – Har-Bal | The Scientific Audio Mastering Solution

All while maintaining the individual character of the mix. I do all my mastering work in Sound Forge 6, and it would be a lot more convenient if a plug-in was available. It is pretty well documented that prolonged periods of listening to improperly mastered recordings usually leads to hearing fatigue that ultimately takes the pleasure out of the listening experience.

A simplified view of the processes which Har-Bal utilizes in performing Harmonic Balancing is shown in Figure 3. Which song is louder RMS level It can balance and restore tracks capable of being restored.

If you find this hard to believe try this for a challenge.

Masteriny of the software report that this new process has demonstrated itself time after time in producing a harmonically balanced sound from one that was wanting.