QuickSpecs listed above. HP BladeSystem c Enclosures: The c Enclosure for racking in standard 19 inch racks. Server blades (excluding the BL . HP BladeSystem c-Class Infrastructure QuickSpecs: HP BladeSystem solutions start with a either a c or c Enclosure. For the c Enclosure. QuickSpecs . HP-UX based servers; the HPE portfolio of server blades. supports a variety The Dsb requires a c enclosure configuration with 6 fans.

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In put Voltage Range V rms. For the c e nclosure, key. Changes were made throughout the QuickSpecs. The power supply kits, power cables, interconnects, etc.

Order the appropriate power cord for your countries standard electrical outlets. Customer will receive a printed license entitlement certificate and documentation via physical shipment. Physical media DVDs are also available for purchase from.

For use wi th PDUs accepting C20 power c ords. For trade-in information, please go to http: Intel Corporation in the U.

HPE BladeSystem c Enclosure (QuickSpecs/cpdf)

HP BladeSystem solutions start with a either a c or c Enclosure. Rack power supply bay numbering. Once the enclosure and its key components hav e been. From Version 5 to 6.



The lower zone zone 1 includes bays 1, 2, 5, and. HPE Power cord 6 ft 1. Customer will receive a printed license entitlement certificate and documentation via physical shipment.

Updated What’s New section. This kit should only be o rdered t o replace lost or damaged blanks. Changes made throughout the QuickSpecs. Changes made to North America and Canada only. For detailed interconne c t options, consult the up interconnect QuickSp ecs: Page 35 Intel Corporation in the U. Hewlett Packard Enterprise support staff and. From V ersion 34 to Configuration Information and Related Options were revis ed. The HP BladeSystem c enclosure has the flexibility to scale from a single enclosure holding up to 8 blades, to a rack containing 7 enclosures holding up to 56 blades, the c-Class infrastructure is quickspscs to meet the needs of today’s businesses.

BladeSystem quifkspecs Platinum Enclosure. If high-line power outlets are required, safety regulations require the use of a PDU or a UPS between the c enclosures power supplies and wall outlets.

Maximum Rated Output Wattage. Please see the QuickSpecs for Technical Specifications and additional information: From Version 4 to 5. Up Packa rd Enterprise. Enclosure for up to Wall Outlet power cords should only be used with low-line v to V power sources.


Up to four Dsb storage devices c an be supported in a single BladeSystem. All blades within a single HPE.

Half – height server blade bay numbering. Support for software and initial setup is a vailable. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services.

HP c3000 Quickspecs

From Version 47 to HPE c – Class. HP Care Pack services for the c Enclosure cover the enclosure, power supplies and fans. Configurator Configurator Configurator Configurator This approach is aligned with our strategic direction to meet the needs and expectations of our valued customers. Products returned to HP will be recycled, recovered or disposed of in quicspecs responsible manner.