The Kuzari was written by Judah Halevi (Spain, – ). Originally Sefer Kuzariספר הכוזרי. מחבר: יהודה 2 English, 3 Hebrew3 עברית, 2 אנגלית. Versions. the kuzari is not in stock right now a new print will be ready in a few weeks you can order the book now and it will be sent when we will have copies. “The Kuzari: In Defense of the Despised Faith” is the first new translation into English of The Kuzari since , annotated and explained based on the classic .

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See also Daniel J.

A new edition appeared of the Hebrew text in Israel in In his Kuzari 1: Although opposed to the conception of the corporeality of God, as being contrary to Scripture, he would consider it wrong to reject all the sensuous concepts of anthropomorphism, as there is something in these ideas which fills the human soul with the awe of God.

My only major complaint is that Korobkin has a tendency to insert explanations of commentaries inside the translation, instead of leaving them for explanatory footnotes.

Fathers of the Church, Inc. See all 7 reviews.

Maktabat Wahba,— See also Lazarus-Yafe, Intertwined Worlds, 53— Their nature is different than that of other people. Columbia University Press,— He directs synagogue services for the Orthodox Union on the west coast, and continues to pursue medieval Jewish studies as a doctoral englosh at UCLA. The essay concludes with examples of the astronomical and medical knowledge of the ancient Hebrews. Brill, —3: Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Peeters,86—87; Daniel J.

This page was last edited on 16 Januaryat Peeters, The text is incomplete in the original Judeo-Arabic manuscript and must be supplemented by the addition that appears in the Hebrew translation of Judah ibn Tibbon. This possibility is supported by a comparison with the version Judah ibn Tibbon used cf.


Skip to main content. Halevi went further with his discriminatory theory. Brill,82, Routledge, However, Judah ha-Levi is against limiting philosophical speculation to matters concerning creation and God; he follows the Greek philosophers in examining the creation of the material world. University of Chicago Press,—17, — A true product of Spain’s Golden Age, Yehuda HaLevi was born in Toledo in the yearand raised in an intellectual climate where he became well-versed in Jewish scholarship, Arabic literature, as well as Greek science and philosophy.

For this reason, he is a stranger in the world and his situation is so bad that death is preferable to life. Besides the 12th-century Hebrew translation of Judah ben Saul ibn Tibbonwhich passed through eleven printed editions 1st ed.

Kuzari in English – Hausa-English Dictionary – Glosbe

He spends a great deal of time arguing against the legitimacy of the Karaites and Jewish philosophy. This is, so far, the only translation into English made from the derived Hebrew text. Departing from the natural order, this unique order is a miraculous one, by virtue of the fact that events that happen under it are not subject to the causality that operates in nature but to a diffferent and divine kind of causality.

Many translations and commentaries on this work, both religious and critical, have been written since then.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. SUNY Press, Leigh Chipman for their assistance. Add both to Cart Add both to List.

Judah Halevi presents an Arab-Aristotelian philosopher, and not a representative of the mutakallim, as the declared spokesman of rationalistic theology in the opening section of the dialogue. Rabbi Korobkin has done a wonderful job in presenting a fluid, clear English translation of this fundamental book of Judaism.


Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Later, in the twelfth century, the ideological clash between late paganism and Christianity was a distant echo of a struggle whose winner had long been decided.

Jewish Philosophy > The Book of Kuzari

No less than six commentaries on it appeared in the first half of that century. As a consequence, the presence of God is not directly felt in the world, as no influence and no efffect in the world can deviate from the customary course of events and nature. The pagan is then mythologized as the king of the Khazars who has invited the rabbi to instruct him in the tenets of Judaism.

To the doctrine of emanation, based, according to him, upon the Aristotelian cosmological principle that no simple being can produce a compound being, he objects in the form of the following query: Macmillan,8: Jews are superior biologically Halevi’s The Kuzari imagines that the king of the Kuzars decides to adopt a religion, and plans to choose between Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and philosophy. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Mikhail Artamonov Vasily Bartold D. Those, however, who become Jews [but are not born Jews] do not take equal rank with born Israelites, who are specially privileged to attain prophecy, whilst the former [the proselyte] can only achieve something by learning from them, and can only become pious and learned, but never prophets.

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